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Social Reviews

Social Reviews*

Check what our customers have to say about their experience with Vitiligo Organics. These screenshots were collected from different independent social media platforms, and the list keeps on growing every day.
Amber Lewis McKinley
So excited. I just got this for my 17 year old. Diagnosed age 13 and it has gotten way worse recently . Been using the product about 3 weeks and starting to see repigmentation in her newest spots. I will post pics in a couple more weeks! She is thrilled!
Amber Lewis McKinley Update! Her vitiligo is almost gone!!! All spots on her forehead and temples are gone. She had a really big spot on her chin that us now bright pink! The only spots left are around her mouth which are being more stubborn but have also started spotting. The key is sun! She was afraid of the sun but this product recommends using sunlight to activate it and we feel like that’s been key. She’s very happy! I will try to post her latest results as soon as I can track her down for a picture!
Amber Lewis McKinley Also, check skin under black light. That’s the best way to tell if the vitiligo is actually getting better. At first we thought maybe she just was losing her tan and it doesn’t show as much when she’s not tan. But even under black light its almost gone!
Ishita Thakur
Ishita Thakur Guys! Just a quick review I would like to make.

I bought this in March the way it said to use the product I hardly get time to use it two times so I just use once every night due to my work schedule. I don’t have vitiligo I used it for hypopigmentation occurred after a skin rash.

The customer service is extremely helpful and answered my each and every emails before I wanted to buy this as I was worried whether to buy or not coz I don’t have vitiligo as I had hypopigmentation thought of giving it a try.

The two spots I had on my cheeks completely blended with my skin color. The other one I can see brown pigment spreading slowly. I can definitely say this works just need to give it time I believe. I wonder if I would have used it exactly the way mentioned in the leaflet. I would have got more result but I am happy with what I got in these 2/3 months.

Thanks guys for this amazing product.
Mounzer Hassan
Mounzer Hassan My nephew had white spots on his fingers for almost one year ago, She took her son to many doctor and no one was able to give him the right medication, she had only one son, so she spent a lot of money but nothing was working right for his white spots.

One day she called me please send me some medication, because she is not living in USA. So I went to a dermatologist and told him if he can write a something for him, He told me there is no medicine for Vitiligo here. Vitiligo has no medication at all.

But he right some medication I bought for my nephew but it wasn’t working and we all were worried.

Then one day I searched on google and found Vitiligo Organics. We ordered for him and at the end of January his fingers are 100/100 fixed. Thank god and thank you so much Vitiligo Organics.

Please keep doing this great meditation.

Because doctors still don’t know about vitiligo medication.

@mehakali2717 I’m trying this Vitiligo organic nearly 4 months i can see little bit results in some spots of my skin and u have to apply in the spots and leave it for 8-10 hours daily before u sleep after that u can rinse the skin.
Meera Khan
Hello everyone!! This is my 19th year with vitiligo. First noticed it in the age of 7. I am in the process of using vitiligo organics. I can see so much changes by the grace of God. You must take vitamin D3, drink water stored in a copper vessel and a little exposure of Sunlight… Then I hope you can see some quick changes!
Julia Mombo Pelenah
I started using this product about a year ago and the results are amazing. The re-pigmentation process is near completion. And the delivery process was so smooth and speedy. Thanks to Vitiligo Organics
I promise you this oil is a cure because it’s working on me
My son used that and its effective 👌
It’s work for my son skin3… Tq vitiligoorganics
Danny Medisa
I’ve had vitiligo for over 30 years, I’ve been using vitiligo organics for three months only on my hands, elbows and neck and I’m already seeing some small freckles on my elbows and hands, I’m recovering my pigmentation 🙏
It’s working for me.

You have to have a lot of faith and perseverance
Been using it for 2 months now and I see progress, slow but sure. I believe that the success of treatment is about discipline and how the body reacts. Adding other life habits and your emotionality.

Translated From Spanish
Manuel Ortiz
I am currently using vitiligo organics. It has completely worked on my arms and hands color is all back ! My face is almost clear still have a few spots but I am confident it will all be gone soon. GREAT Product I highly recommend it! Just FYI you won’t see immediate progress it takes about 8 weeks before you will see progress but you will see it work. Vitiligoorganics.com
Waraich Tegbir
It really work I’m using it from 1 month and I’m seeing the results.
It’s a very good product I’m using it and the first 2weeks I seen the changes in my skin 💯👌 now it’s 7 months and my colour is getting back to normal 🙏
Daniela Mendez
I’ve been using it on my 10 year old since May. Took about 2 months, but we have been seeing some great results with spots on her knees.
Constancia Dulcena
Started using this in 2020 and didn’t see the result at first, but im starting to see results now. Be patient guys, it works from the inside out. It takes time (and it depends maybe on your skin type or how long you’ve had vitiligo). I ordered my 2nd big bottle so i can continue the process
Abu Alam
It works! I have been suffering from vitiligo since my childhood. It maybe around 40 years. After using VO for 9 weeks, pigmentation started

Gunjan Pancholi
Vitiligo Organics just to give an update.. I have been using this oil on my son since Nov 2020 & whilst the initial progress was slow, I can advise that 95% of my sons vitiligo around his eyes has now gone! It took time & patience but it had worked..
Kbromnrayo Haile
I have bought this medicine it was so good. I am happy with this medicine.

Translated from Swedish
My son is using it for 3 months and very good is Results.

Translated From Spanish

Rihtahs Shathir
Im from Maldives 🇲🇻. It’s help to reduced and minimised the white pots. This is my on experience
Maryam Mp
I think people’s bodies are different, it has worked in some, I have been using it for 4 weeks, I think I am seeing its effect.
Mahmuod Ali
I am also still using the medicine and see day after day the results of the truth without deception

I have been using it for 8 months and it has worked really well for a little spot on my face 👏. In my hands the change has been little.
Translated From Spanish
Diana Lynn
It worked for me too!
Jason Uzomba
Its works perfect only 2 months

Pamela Cooper Shepard
It worked for me!
Kamaljit K Jassel
If been using this for the last two months on my daughter. And it has definitely made a difference.
Peralta Ronquillo..
Aurel Mishaxhi I’m using this product too, and yes it works on hands

Highly recommend! This product is so good, be consistent 😊
Ewa Marchut
Love this. It works miracles!
Archana Kiran
An amazing product.. thanks alot.

Shalby Haridas
Lips vitiligo remove by using this product
Renia Mavbanks
I have purchased this and have seen vast improvement on my face and neck. Now it is starting to improve my hands. I was skeptical, but happy to try anything within reason. So pleased so far.
Annie Fowler
Mohammed Garundole im a black female with about 98 percent of my neck area under attack from vitiligo. Im using the creme for about a month and im seeing results. freckles are appearing in the affected. So try it.

Nishu Kochhar
I started using this product from May this year and there is significant results on my daughter’s face and knees…I hope her feet also to be good soon….Apply with clean hands two times daily…in night before going to bed….
Diana Bugueño Rojas

Nancy Alejos Hello it’s true, I’m from Chile 🇨🇱 in February I started using this product with vitiligo that I was just starting and now I have nothing, pigmentation returned 💛 I recommend it, it’s an expensive product but it’s worth it.

I invested a lot in other products and nothing worked, only cytologists Vitiligo Organics 💛
Ema Appadoo Baldawoo
Hello,am from Mauritius .I have been using this lotion for my son since 2 years..it really works after 6 months of daily use .only a few patches left but still using for best results..I would suggest to try it ..no side effect its natural .
But you need to have minimum 15 mins sun therapy daily …morning sun best ….but do not expose yourself directly in full sun it will become work.

Hassan Haashi
Hassan Haashi In 2016 my son had vitiligo but at this time I’m so worried my son and I go take to me and my son was showing doctor change become and then I don’t they have any dick him into our border and then I’m so worried after 2 months I will searching in internet and I see vitiligo organic and then I order after that my son would be hanged him back to his skin I’m so happy at this time and then I support.
Joselyn Balcarse
I must admit that I didn’t have much hope, but since the 3rd month I started to see the pigmentation again in my face, to me. I function by being. consistent with the app. I am very happy!! I am from chile
Becca Ranario
I use It also, And I see Changes And pigmentations are coming Back, I use it Togther with PUVa Phototherapy and it’s works. Sking color is Already there.. I thank God for this product I hope This will Be the instrument that My Vitiligo will not spread anymore.

Tatiana Tzoulia
I used it for two months, not for vitiligo but for idiopathic Hypomelanosis and it completely restored color. Thank you!
Marissa Cart
I purchased this product. It arrived earlier than I thought. It is working after three weeks I am seeing results. I have had vitiligo 34 years so I have a lot but I am getting pigmentation and freckles everywhere except for my oldest spots. So far I am not seeing those being affected. Either way I’m very happy
Dawit Haile
Amrita Hitesh Dandotia May daughter was 3 years old at the time we noticed.. at the time started really tiny maybe she was 2 and 6 month years then but slowly it became bigger and it went both sides of her chicks. We tried everything before Vitiligo..but this product worked on my daughter. Goood luck
Yaqueline Maria Giraldo

Almost 6 years ago | have vitiligo, this is the second time l’ve used something to treat this condition. Three years ago I used Cuba’s treatment for more than a year without getting any results. A month and a half ago I’m using Vitiligo organics and I’m surprised with the results, slowly I’ve been watching my skin is getting pigmented again.

Translated From Spanish