Thousands of vitiligo sufferers are already using Vitiligo Organics with excellent results. But why take our word for it? Read success stories from satisfied customers all over the world. Vitiligo Organics works for people of all ages and skin types. It is effective for mild, moderate, and severe depigmentation in the skin.

C Alamo

Montady, France*
I just want you to thank you so much! I wanted to leave a testimony on vitiligo organics but can’t find where to write it. So I decided to send you this in email. In just 10 days of applying Vitiligo Organics, my vitiligo behind my knee started to disappear! It's truly amazing! I first experienced this discoloration 2 years ago, and it disappeared. However, it reappeared 5 months ago without any apparent reason.
One day, while surfing the web, I came across an advertisement for this product. I thought to myself, "Why not give it a try?" I couldn't wear over-the-knee dresses and started feeling self-conscious about wearing swimsuits.
But now, it's all changed. My legs are back to normal, and I feel so much better. There's only a small spot left on my collarbone, but it's improving too. Once again, thank you so much! Vitiligo Organics has made a remarkable difference in my life.
Vitiligo Organics Before After Results
*Individual results may vary

M Bebek

Istanbul Turkey*
I'm so pleased to report that Vitiligo Organics has completely changed my life. After suffering from vitiligo for years and trying every cream and product I could find, I was ready to give up until I tried this product. After just 4 weeks of appliacation, I started to notice a difference in my skin. Now, after two months of use the results are incredible - my skin is now fully recovered. Unlike other products vitiligo organics works so quickly and effectively. It has made such a huge improvement in my quality of life, and I would highly recommend it to anyone suffering from vitiligo.
Vitiligo Real Results Before After
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D Rajkumari

Bengaluru, India*
I have noticed white patches since my school days on lips, finger tips and toes. I have been diagnosed with allopathy medicine almost 8 years but was not satisfied with the result so I switched to homeopathy medicine and was under medication for another 10 years but white patches were not disappearing, it was only controlling from spreading then I started taking radiation therapy that too didn't work for me. So I stop taking any treatment for almost 3 years. 
But suddenly I noticed new white patches inside my body too I started taking homeopathy medicine again almost 2 years, but was only controlling from spreading. I almost gave up and suddenly I saw about vitiligo organics in the social media and check out few reviews then I thought of giving last chance.
I have purchased 250ml bottle, started applying almost 2 times daily and taking sun bath. To my surprise within a month dark spots were visible in few of my patches which was almost a miracle for me. I am overwhelmed with the result from vitiligo organics and for giving me a new hope of vitiligo free life.
Thank you so much the entire Vitiligo organics team. Attaching few before and after pictures for the result.
Vitiligo Real Results Before After
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J Robinson-Darby

Chesapeake, USA*
A Mother’s Journey to Help Restore Her Son’s Confidence with Vitiligo Organics
Being a mother, nothing matters more to me than the health and happiness of my child. When my son started developing vitiligo on his face, I was heartbroken. I could see his self-esteem and confidence diminishing every day, and I knew I had to do something.
I did extensive research and after many sleepless nights, I finally came across Vitiligo Organics. My son diligently applied Vitiligo Organics to his face twice a day, and I documented its progress to track any changes. Slowly but surely, over the course of 5 months, the vitiligo patches began to fade away. Each day, my son’s radiant smile would grow brighter as his beautiful skin, a reflection of his inner strength and resilience, started to return.
The most rewarding part of this journey has been watching my son’s self-confidence come back to life. He no longer hides his face or avoids social situations – instead, he fearlessly faces the world with newfound courage and pride.
The results with Vitiligo Organics have surpassed our expectations, and I am forever grateful for the positive impact it has had on my son’s life. Not only have the patches diminished, but his skin health overall has improved, making it appear more youthful and radiant!
Vitiligo Real Results Before After
*Individual results may vary

V Ntani

Yaoundé Cameroon*
A Life-Changing Experience with Vitiligo Organics for My Son
As a mother, seeing my beloved son suffer from vitiligo, felt heartbreaking. Living in Cameroon, a country with limited resources and availability of treatments for this condition, meant our options were restricted. But as they say, "Where there's a will, there's a way," and we certainly found the most effective remedy for my son's vitiligo in Vitiligo Organics.
The journey began when we discovered Vitiligo Organics online and decided to give it a chance. After thorough research on the product and reading numerous positive testimonials from people across the globe, we felt inclined to buy it. Although I admit I had initial doubts and concerns about the effectiveness of the treatment – after all, no mother wants her child to go through further distress – our diligence, hope, and optimism paid off.
Within just a few weeks of regular use, we began to witness positive changes. My son's skin started showing signs of repigmentation, which steadily improved over the following months. What began as a hopeful journey turned into a successful mission. Today, we look back at our decision to try Vitiligo Organics with pride and happiness.
My child is now more confident in his appearance and doesn't feel weighed down by the judgment of others. As a mother, I am so relieved to see my son regain his self-esteem, which in turn improved his overall mental and emotional well-being.
Our experience can perfectly be summed up as a “life-changing” one, and for this, I cannot thank Vitiligo Organics enough. From the depths of our hearts, we appreciate your exceptional product and the incredible difference it has made in our lives.
Vitiligo Organics Real Results Before After
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M Urra

Santiago Chile*
I have been suffering three and a half years with vitiligo, the doctors said it was not going to get better, I tried many methods without results and I tried this product as the last option, the results were incredible. After 3 weeks I could see my real skin appeared. I recommend this product 100%. If anyone needs to contact me to corroborate that my case is real, you can do so at +56923968664^
Mr. Urra has permitted us to share his number. To protect his privacy it isn’t publicly displayed. Please DM us if you need to contact him.

^Testimonial Translated From Spanish
Vitiligo Real Results Before After
*Individual results may vary

N Hussain

Islamabad Pakistan*
I am truly grateful and forever indebted to the Almighty Allah for guiding me to this miraculous product that has significantly changed my life in just a matter of two months.

Before I began using this product, I was constantly battling with vitiligo, which had aggressively spread across my forehead and neck, causing much distress and negatively impacting my self-esteem. However, ever since I started applying this fantastic solution, I have witnessed remarkable results.
Within the first month of use, I noticed a considerable reduction in the white patches on my forehead, as the pigments gradually began to fill in the affected area. My excitement and confidence grew day by day, as I witnessed my skin returning to its original color, and my forehead looking healthier than ever.

Now, after two months of consistent use, the transformation is almost complete; the pigmentation has almost entirely returned, making the vitiligo nearly imperceptible, even when standing very close. I am optimistic that, in just a few more months, the remaining patches will disappear, and my skin will be restored to its original state.
However, I must mention that despite applying the product to my two fingers, I haven't noticed any pigmentation returning on those areas just yet. I have contacted the company, and they have been incredibly supportive, offering advice and ensuring that the product is being applied correctly. Despite the lack of results on my fingers, I remain hopeful, as the remarkable progress on my forehead and neck has exceeded all my expectations.
I look forward to witnessing the magic this product will continue to bring to my life and eagerly anticipate the day when I can declare myself entirely vitiligo-free. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
Vitiligo Organics Real Results Before After
*Individual results may vary

A Roy

Mumbai, India*
Dealing with Vitiligo was undoubtedly one of the most challenging phases my family and I had ever experienced. My darling mother had used various products without success, and it seemed like all hope was lost until we discovered Vitiligo Organics. As an Indian family, we were determined to find a solution that would bring back happiness and confidence to the life of our strong, loving mother.
My mom started using Vitiligo Organics six to eight months ago; she was still a tad skeptical due to previous disappointments, which led to inconsistent use. However, in the initial few weeks, she noticed a positive change - a significant improvement around her lips began to manifest. This area was extremely delicate and tough to recover, yet thanks to Vitiligo Organics, it healed steadily. This was a miracle beyond our expectations, and it immediately reinforced our faith in the product's effectiveness.
Although my mother's usage pattern wasn't regular, it did not affect her healing process. With more consistent usage, we are hopeful for even greater improvement. Our experience with Vitiligo Organics has truly been a testament of assurance and resilience. We are deeply grateful for stumbling upon this dynamic and life-changing product, and we highly recommend it to anyone dealing with Vitiligo.
If you or your loved ones have been searching for an efficacious solution to Vitiligo, look no further than Vitiligo Organics. Give it a chance and watch your spirits soar with renewed hope and wellness.
Vitiligo Organics Real Results Before After
*Individual results may vary

V Kolusu 

Gudivada, India*
I am absolutely pleased with the results of this product. My 3 year old son had a white patch on his lower lip, and within one month of using this product, I saw a significant improvement. It's been four months now since I have been applying it overnight, and the results are truly remarkable. The patch has faded almost completely and what was once an eyesore is now barely visible. I'm confident that if we keep using it, my son will have a fully healed lip in no time.
Vitiligo Organics Real Results Before After
*Individual results may vary

A Larratt

Ontario, Canada*
I am amazed — after a year of using medical creams on my face, I switched to Vitiligo Organics. I couldn't be happier with the results in just three months. I've been trying to heal my vitiligo for twenty years, and this is the first product that has worked. Plus, it's natural! I am so grateful for your product and for having my happy face back.I am also documenting my AMAZING vitiligo recovery with your product. Twenty years old vitiligo gone in three months, POW! Much love to you.
Vitiligo Organics Real Results Before After
*Individual results may vary

L Bienfait

Vacquières, France*
I have been suffering from vitiligo since 2012, and I am very happy to have finally found a product that works. Of course having to think about it every day and leave it on for 8 hours is not always easy but the result is spectacular.

Sorry the picture with vitiligo is a bit old, but it's one of the most telling I have, from 7 years ago. The last few years my face was almost completely white in winter and would repigment a little, very randomly in summer, I was really in dalmatian mode like in the picture every year, but never the same.
I also have touch hands and some scattered spots on my back and legs and arms.

The result is unquestionable on the face in 7 to 8 months of application! I am happy it was my main objective I could not stand it, I have no more stains now. On the hands I have some very recalcitrant zones which persist, but being a physiotherapist I wash my hands every 30 minutes... that must not help, because yes putting it on at night works, but sincerely it is much more effective if you can go to the sun, and not to rinse it during the day.
Don't hesitate if your vitiligo is rotting your life, it's not cheap, but it's worth it.

I use a bottle of about 250ml for a month and a half.

Good luck to all those who are going to start! It changes the life, I finally find myself after 10 years of dalmatian!

^Testimonial Translated From French
Vitiligo Organics Real Results Before After
*Individual results may vary

W Moore

Jonesborough, USA*​
My wife discovered this product online. After reading the testimonials I went ahead and purchased this for her. The pictures speak for themselves.

Amazing, amazing, amazing product!!! Thank you Vitiligo Organics for helping my wife get her confidence back. My wife states that it’s been a life changer for her. Anybody dealing with this condition let me tell you firsthand, this product works. Other than a few minor spots still left on her legs it has vanished.
Vitiligo Organics Real Results Before After
*Individual results may vary

A Tiwari

Rajasthan, India*
I just wanted to say thank you so so much. I can’t express my gratitude enough in words. I had a relatively small spot under my eye for a whole year and it kept growing bigger. We were absolutely terrified that it was in fact vitiligo and we went to multiple doctors. They all said it's an incurable skin problem and would stay forever. My parents found Vitiligo Organics and ordered 2 bottles for me. I have attached my progress pictures and you wouldn’t even be able to tell if I ever had vitiligo. It took me about 2-3 months with sun exposure but no extra supplements to start noticing the results and in 6 months vitiligo was all cleared up. I really appreciate your help so much!!
Vitiligo Organics Real Results Before After
*Individual results may vary

B Billotin

Hürth, Germany*
I’m so happy I have a lot more joy in life. It is pigmented again everywhere. I had a lot of very large white areas. This disease has plagued me for over 35 years. It took me a long time, 6 to 8 months before it started to pigment, but now it keeps going. Cream for about a year. I’m in the sun a lot in Spain-Mallorca since then it’s been getting better and better.

I cream every night before going to bed. Thank you!
Vitiligo Real Results Before After
*Individual results may vary

A Caballero

Morphett Vale, Australia*
My 3 and a half year old daughter fell into the corner of our tv cabinet one day when she was dancing around to some music and when the scab came off she developed a small white patch next to her right eyelid. After a few weeks, we noticed the patch getting bigger and we took her to see a dermatologist who confirmed that she has vitiligo. He prescribed an Immuno blocker as he believed we couldn’t shrink the patch of skin but only try to prevent it from growing. This immuno blocker is also a known carcinogen but he thought it should be ok just rubbed into the small patch around her eye.
Luckily I had already done some research and found Vitiligo Organics online! I said thank you to the dermatologist and promptly threw his script in the bin! I have been applying Vitiligo Organics twice a day, as well as giving my daughter a good quality multivitamin with Folic Acid, also vitamin D and B12. We cut out all sugar, yeast, watermelon, and grapes out of her diet for 6 weeks and also started giving her another supplement called Transfer Factor which is basically colostrum in a capsule.
At first, nothing seemed to be happening but then after 2-3 months, the skin appeared red like it was sunburned and then it went dry and flaky, then it settled down and the new skin came through and the patch shrunk. This process has been happening over and over and the white patch is about half the size it was to start with and is hardly noticeable now. I took my daughter to the doctor for a check-up and I showed her the progress of the vitiligo before and after and she took the details down about Vitiligo Organics as the doctor has vitiligo herself and was very excited to get some!
We will continue to use Vitiligo Organics until all white patches have returned to normal and we will update with another testimony then! Thank you Vitiligo Organics for a good quality product and I hope someone reads this testimony and gives it a try instead of some horrible carcinogenic immuno blocker!
Vitiligo Real Results Before After
*Individual results may vary

M Lopez

Staten Island, USA*
I love Vitiligo Organics because it really works. I have attached my monthly progress in attached pictures.
Thank you so much for making it possible for me.
Vitiligo Real Results Before After
*Individual results may vary

A Brents

Thomasville, USA*
I started using Vitiligo Organics in May 2017. My skin started to turn pink in two months and I am currently seeing lots of pigmentation coming back on my knees, abdomen and elbows. I have also attached pictures. I have actually told many people here in GA about your product who have ordered. I would love to have the opportunity to get your product out to dermatologists offices and other places where it can be known of! I only stumbled on it recently and so wish I would have known about it before my vitiligo spread! Thank you for reading!
Vitiligo Real Results Before After
*Individual results may vary

G McCulloch

Toronto, Canada*
This product helped my skin discoloration. Specialists told me nothing can be done, but thanks to Vitiligo Organics my skin looks normal again. Here are some photos. I started using around Oct 2016 and now my face, arms and legs are back to normal. I tried many creams in past years without any result but this stuff works.

Thank you again for helping.
Vitiligo Real Results Before After
*Individual results may vary

T Gajjar

London - UK*
I have used Vitiligo Organics and my pigments regenerated. I applied it for approx 6 weeks before the repigmentation started. I haven’t had to reuse it. It is amazing and I am patch free for 5 years now.
Vitiligo Real Results Before After
*Individual results may vary

J Pham

Maylands, Australia*
I just wanted to let you know I’ve been using Vitiligo Organics since the start of Feb,18. I have already started to note quite a bit of pigmentation in 2 months of use. Hoping majority of it clears up in the months to come!
Vitiligo Real Results Before After
*Individual results may vary

R Bhatia

Birmingham, UK*
I am Rajesh from India, currently living in the UK. I have been living with vitiligo for last 14 years. Since my childhood, I developed a white vitiligo spot on the back of my calf that kept on growing with my age. I had tried many herbal and topical treatments in India before I moved to UK but nothing seemed to work for me. I was quite disappointed and decided to live with it. Time went on and I continued to live with vitiligo as a part of my life. Early this year, I got a chance to meet a Vitiligo patient who was using Vitiligo Organics for his condition. He encouraged me to give it a try.
After little encouragement, I ordered Vitiligo Organics in February 2015 and started to use in March 2015. I religiously followed the application instructions. I have attached my monthly progress pictures. I thank you Vitiligo Organics for providing this opportunity and hope for all the people like me. I wish you guys all the best.
Vitiligo Real Results Before After
*Individual results may vary

A Bajramaj

Belfast, UK*
I bought vitiligo organics for my brother. He is 11 years old and it’s working well for him. I just want to show 2 pictures of my brother how he was before and how he is now.
Vitiligo Real Results Before After
*Individual results may vary

Y Bentsur

Pardesiya, Israel*
My name is Yaniv, I live in Israel and this is my vitiligo story.
It all started when I was around 15 years old. Little white spots appeared on my hands and my Dad took me to a bunch of doctors who all said there is nothing to do and that these spots are called “vitiligo”. Within 5 years white spots became patches and spread upper my hands. For almost 5 years there was almost no progress and I completed with my situation until around age of 30-32 when all over sudden vitiligo accelerated and within just a few months it got to all my hands and arms, my legs and started to touch my face. I was frustrated and tried to find some new answers, I thought maybe doctors found some new treatment for vitiligo, but the answers were similar to what I’ve heard 20 years before there’s no treatment, modern medicine has no clue why vitiligo happens or how to treat it.
The only treatment they offered me was PUVA UVA treatment, but when I’ve checked about side-effects of this treatment. I felt like there is no hope. But then one day I’ve decided to do some deep research by myself, try to find an answer. First thing I’ve done was to quit smoking and generally clarify my body from toxins.
I’ve read on the Internet about blue seaweed which is a great anti-oxidant and I’ve started to take that. Due to my Internet research, I’ve bumped into Vitiligo Organics site that promised to be very reliable and natural, so I ordered a small amount of oil. I’ve decided to try one spot near my left eye and see if something happens. Well, first nothing happened, then it became red, like sunburned and within 5-6 months little dark brown spots appeared, growing bigger and bigger, connecting into one dark-brown little patch. With the time, the dark color of the patch became lighter and matched itself to my natural skin color until you couldn’t tell where it was. I was so excited! I ordered more oil, bigger amount this time, and rubbed it into my face skin, neck and arms every morning.
One interesting thing I’ve noticed was that Vitiligo Organics oil protected me from sunburns. The sun in Israel is pretty strong and since I didn’t have any melanin in my cells to protect the skin from the sun, I easily got myself sunburned every time I got out the sun, even though for short period of time, as 10-15 minutes. Those sunburns were really sore and so painful I couldn’t touch my skin for 3 days. When my skin was covered with oil, I didn’t get sunburns. The skin became red but it didn’t hurt like before.

After almost 7 months of intensive using nothing still happened, then my skin became really red and I knew it was some kind of reaction to the oil. At about 8th month I noticed every day more and more brown spots appeared, all at once face, neck and arms and quickly turned into patches connecting each other.
I am grateful to G-d and you, Vitiligo Organics’ people, for this amazing privilege.

It gave me hope and it can give hope to so many others.

I’ve attached all my history in photos with dates, so you can see the whole process.
Vitiligo Real Results Before After
*Individual results may vary

T Rashedy

Coffs Harbour, Australia*
I’ve had vitiligo for many years, hands were fully covered with vitiligo. Currently, using vitiligo organics for 1 year and my hands are almost recovered. I don’t have before using pictures but you can see in attached picture that only a couple of spots left to recover. Unlike other customers, I didn’t notice freckles in white patches. In my case, the pink color started to appear on the edges of spots, shrunk and resulted in the disappearance of white patch. It was an amazing experience. Highly recommended! Great product for vitiligo patients.
Vitiligo Real Results Before After
*Individual results may vary

P Dobrijevic

Worksop, UK*
My wife has had Vitiligo for 2 years now. Doctors and Specialists in the UK she had seen, all said the same thing, it is vitiligo and there is no cure, only cover up makeup. I found Vitiligo Organics on the internet and thought that we would give it a try. After 6 to 8 weeks we could see that the shape of the marks began to change and after a further 4 weeks, 99% of white marks were re-pigmented back to her original color. We have since been back to our doctor, she couldn’t believe the change in my wife condition and as asked for the details about Vitiligo Organics. My wife didn’t change her diet, she cut out any hot and spicy foods, started daily yogurt drinks, also started taking daily vitamin B supplements and increased her meat intake.
I’ve attached before and after pictures of my wife and she is not wearing any makeup, and you can see the change is really remarkable. We really can’t find the words to say Thank You enough, you guys have really changed my wife’s life, So again Many Many Thanks.
Vitiligo Real Results Before After
*Individual results may vary

S Jayasundra

Melbourne, Australia*
Not a vitiligo testimonial. Customer had skin discolouration due to Tinea Versicolour

I had severe skin discolouration from Tinea Versicolour all over my back & front (trunk) for 20 years, the whole trunk of my body looked diseased from very light discoloured cream patches of various sizes on my tanned skin complexion.

Doctors stopped the Tinea Versicolour, but the skin discolouration did not recover. I was stuck with cream patches for 20 years.
I tried many creams, acupuncture & went to dermatologists & asked laser clinics, but they all said it was permanent & for life. I was devastated. But I kept looking for something to fix my skin discolouration.

Then I saw this product online & thought to give it a try regardless of what everyone had said.
The first time I put it on, I recall seeing a tiny area with a very light shade of tan colour over a cream discoloured patch, just from the first night of use, just a tiny area & that was in the first use! I was quite certain that one patch looked different. So from that I knew this product did something & so I continued using it twice a day, after a shower & exfoliation, lathered it on & rubbed it in well before bed & around 10-12 hours later applied it again.

It took about 4-5 weeks to see tanned skin colour coming back. My experience was of tan colour coming back in light shades over the patches, not little dots of colour like other people had. The shades got darker with time to match my natural tanned complexion. The patches just disappeared with time as they blended in.
The lotion did make my skin feel dry & I had some breakouts & it got itchy for me, but the daily exfoliation with a loofah helped a lot with this & I persisted as I saw tan colour coming back in shades gradually.

The trick is persistence! You may not see much results for about 5 weeks of applying it twice a day, but every experience is different, this was my experience & I had these patches for 20 years.
I never took pictures at the beginning of the treatment as I was not sure if it would work on such a large area of skin, but then I took some photos at ten weeks when 90% of the patches had disappeared & you can see how faint the remaining discoloured skin patches are at ten weeks. The photos are of my lower back & upper abdomen (above belly button). At 13 weeks, pretty much all the patches were gone, except a few which are very faint now. So now I’m just using it once a day, as the trunk of my body no longer looks diseased. This has been a lifesaver for me, when at one stage I thought I was stuck with the discoloured patches for life, as everywhere I searched, for 20 years, I was told it was permanent & no fix was possible.
Try it & be persistent & consistent & patient in using it, it is a natural product after all & your skin needs time to heal.
Vitiligo Real Results Before After
*Individual results may vary

A Ratcliff

Deltona, USA*
I’ve had vitiligo for 10 years and it was spreading extremely fast from my knees and feet all the way to my face and being in school it’s easy to be ridiculed for it. After about 5 years of frustration, I began my search for a solution. I research this product for about a month and asked my parents to buy it for me. My ever so generous big brother ended up giving me the money and about 3 days later I got a call that my order was delivered to my door. You could only imagine the excitement of receiving this news. I started using Vitiligo Organics as the directions advised. About 2 months later, I didn’t see a difference.
At least I didn’t think I did. So I stopped using it. A few weeks went by when I woke up one morning and fell back in the bathtub! It was such a big difference to see the color back. I went to my mom and she did the same thing! The color was back! I started using the product again and the color continued to return I started using it everywhere else.
Now I have spots instead of huge splotches. I’ve been using the same bottle and it’s almost empty. I plan on getting me more. I can say I am so much more confident in myself now. I still have the occasional stares and curious little kids but overall I’m happy with who I am and what I look like and I couldn’t say 5 years ago. In fact, I felt so shy (I’m naturally and painfully shy) I couldn’t stand in front of a few people and speak. I hated meeting new people and I quit cheerleading and anything that involved my having to wear shorts flip flops tank tops etc. But not anymore! I wear all this comfortably now and in Florida, these things are must! So I would really like to thank Vitiligo Organics for what they have done for me. I’m a confident proud (almost) adult.

R Gonzalez

New York, USA*
I’m a bodyguard and I spent 25 years of my life protecting people. I spent 15 years with Mike Tyson, doing my time on tour with Ricky Martin someone threw acid on me after the concert and that triggered the vitiligo on my body. Imagine waking up one day and looking in the mirror and not recognizing the person in the mirror that you can go from a normal looking individual to being scary. I have lived with this disease for many many years and I tried doctors and remedies and nothing seems to take care of the problem but I’m very happy after using Vitiligo Organics, it’s erasing the spots and I’m going back in time.

B Ford

Naracoorte, Australia*
I am 52 years old and I have had vitiligo for around 20 years. I have patches of it all over my body, some very small and others quite large. Trying other products is something I haven’t done before using Vitiligo Organics. I am applying Vitiligo Organics every night before going to bed and massaging it in well. I am leaving it on for at least 10 hours before having a shower. After using Vitiligo Organics for 10 weeks I am starting to see very pleasing results as natural skin color is starting to return to some areas. It’s going to take a few more months to fix the problem as I have a lot of vitiligo, but the results so far are excellent.

W Jordan

Daventry, UK*
I am getting in touch firstly to express my sincere thanks on behalf of my son Chris Jordan who was suffering from vitiligo on his arms and had tried various remedies from a mix of pulverised basil leaves and lemon juice to wearing a copper bracelet but all to no avail. Through internet research we stumbled across your product and ordered a bottle which arrived a week or so later. After about 6 weeks of regular use the patches on his arm started to fade and within 10 weeks completely disappeared and even better have not returned – a fantastic result and one very happy young man!

C Jordan

Daventry, UK*
This is a long overdue testimonial to vitiligo organics. About a year ago now whilst on a holiday in Spain, I started to notice a few very small white patches of skin on my lower forearm. I ignored them for a few weeks and assumed i lost a bit of the tan i had gotten from the holiday that they would no longer be noticeable. However quite the opposite happened, the spots began to grow in size and become more noticeable in the following weeks and months. More patches began to develop further up my arm in localised areas. I did some research into it and it quickly became apparent it was vitiligo.
Through my research i found numerous success stories of people that had gotten rid of their vitiligo through natural remedies such as applying a basil and lime juice paste to the affected area, drinking lots of water, 45mins to 1 hour of exposure to sunlight per day, and wearing a copper bracelet. I tried all of the above and had no success at all, in fact, my white patches continued to spread and grow. I kept searching and came across vitiligo organics and at first was a little put off by the price. But i decided to purchase. I followed the instructions and was a little worried when nothing happened for the first month.
However, i stuck at it and sure enough after 6 or so weeks the patches began to go a pinkish red colour and were less noticeable. I continued applying daily for the following few months until the patches had completely disappeared! I was amazed and overjoyed at how effective this product was for me and strongly recommend it to anybody suffering from vitiligo. Incredible product, thank you so much.

A Lehrer

Ramat Hasharon, Israel*
I am using Vitiligo Organics every day for 8 months – this after spending a lot of money and efforts with other various unsuccessful remedies. It works! – I am a happy man – the patches almost disappeared. I am working with customers and I stopped feeling bad, I don’t cover my face anymore. It is the first time in my long life (66 Years) that I bought something from the Internet trusting just some advertising article – and it is fantastic. Thank you!

J Davies-Evans

Faversham, UK*
Just wanted to let you know I’m getting some fantastic results since using Vitiligo Organics. I’ve only been using it for a short time but getting quite a bit of repigmentation already. I’ve just ordered some more as I know it’s working for me. Really appreciate you making this stuff, I’d kind of given up on the products as none of them worked to any extent until now. I really see the chance of finally getting somewhere. Many thanks

N Morales

Miami, USA*
I suddenly got Vitiligo on my forehead, chin, back and torso area from probably stress. The doctor told me there was nothing you can do and that it would probably get worse which it eventually did. The only remedy she said was to get a tattoo on my forehead and chin area so it wouldn’t look that bad. I was very disappointed that there were no answers to my problem. I’m a sales person that has to face people every day of my life so it was not easy for me. A year later the vitiligo got worse and I was still researching for a solution. For almost another year I found Vitiligo Organics. I purchased a bottle and got a smaller extra bottle at no cost which I take when I have to travel. It was amazing. I used it every night after I showered and in the morning.
It started working about the second month. Right now I’m at month 5 and still have some but I know that it will be all back to normal by the end of the year. I am so happy that nature is so great to us and there are doctors that trust nature and others can’t. I’m sure they have to know better than telling the patients to get a tattoo or do get other stuff to lighten up the rest of the skin. When I am 100% free of Vitiligo I will go and tell my dermatologist. I want to help people and would love to sell this product in the U.S.A to help others.

Y Somoza

Houston, USA*
I bought vitiligo organics in March 2012 and I pretty much used up two bottles already since then, and I’m proud to say that all the vitiligo I had on my legs is quite gone, you can still see a few spots but they as well are starting to get pigment. I am running out of Vitiligo Organics, so I need to buy some more. I am thankful for vitiligo organics, this product works you just have to be consistent, and have faith.

R Rahman

London, UK*
I have had Vitiligo for 19 Years and I did treatment from Chinese Medicine, Asian Herbal and Homeopathic Medicine.

My loving parents spent so much money on my medication to reverse vitiligo and now doctors say that there is no cure but I can tell that Vitiligo Organics is a genuine solution for Vitiligo cause I’m starting to results. I am using Vitiligo Organics and my skin colour is coming back to its original form.

Please don’t let anybody put your confidence down and there is hope and that hope is by using Vitiligo Organics.

P Simmons

Bridgetown, Barbados*
I had white circles around my eyes and on my nose, and the spots have all gone after using Vitiligo Organics for eleven weeks. I don’t take any alcoholic beverages and drink large quantities of water and I apply at night when going to bed. I would apply sometime during the day.

R Legnoverde

 Buenos Aires, Argentina*

C Suarez

Miami, USA*
10 years ago my wife started with Vitiligo problems and we tried many medicines and natural alternatives without success. After few years trying everything we find Vitiligo Organics and since then she had 100% pigmentation.

We started to be very good promoters of your product and we would like to serve people in America with your product and share our experience with the needed population.
We are located in a very convenient city in North America (Miami) in order to serve the Hispanic and English people in USA and Other LATIN countries where the population is affected by vitiligo.

We would like to have an opportunity to reach out to many affected in this side of the world.

N Bull

Orpington, UK*
I’ve had vitiligo for around 30 years and I’ve never tried anything before because I’m very skeptical. I’ve been using vitiligo organics for about 1 month and my pigment is slowly coming back it looks a bit slow process but it’s definitely working.

O Chukwunonye

 Enugu, Nigeria*
I am one of your numerous customers who have used your products for vitiligo. Vitiligo Organics has worked well for my son and he is perfectly ok now. I am looking at the possibility of becoming your representative in Nigeria.

A Maharaj

Toronto, Canada*
I have had two spots of vitiligo on my face since I was about 5 years old. I am now currently in my late 20’s. There were times in my life where I was very self conscious about my appearance growing up. At that time there was nothing i could find for it.

So after doing a recent search and being overwhelmed with so many products that claim to help with this skin condition, Vitiligo Organics caught my eye. For the fact that it was made from all organic ingredients and there were so many reviews, I decided to give it a go.
It has only been about 8 weeks, and I am already seeing results! New patches of colored pigmentation where there was only white before. I am shocked and in disbelief that having suffered with this my whole life the results are already starting to show.

Thank you Vitiligo Organics for a solid product! I hope this review helps other users who are debating on getting the product – JUST get it, you will not be disappointed!

R Mwambi

Nunguni, Kenya*
I am sooo happy with the results that i am getting so far after applying vitiligo organics. A lot of black spots are appearing on my affected areas and really there is a great hope of total healing. May God bless you really. I will be purchasing another pack so that, i completely keep on applying till i gain the original skin colour.

A Sivindani

Cranbourne, Australia*
I am grateful for Vitiligo Organics. Steady progress with visible changes. Consistent is the key. I highly recommend this product.
A-Sivindani Vitiligo Organics Real Results Before After
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