About Us

Our Background

Vitiligo Organics was created out of a passion for offering a genuine product for the skin disorder suffered by people from all over the world. While conventional products do not work or have serious side effects, Vitiligo Organics naturally addresses the problems. Used by thousands of satisfied customers the world over regardless of their age, gender and race.

Who We Are

Organic Care Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian Registered Company. Helping patients around the world with head office in Melbourne, Australia. We have built our reputation by providing exciting and innovative natural products.

Our experts who are involved in product R&D have solid knowledge and experience in the following areas: complementary medicine, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, natural skin care ingredients, consumer goods, regulatory affairs and product compliance.

What We Do

We specialize in manufacturing products for skin disorders. Vitiligo
Organics is our landmark product which has been trusted worldwide
because of the fact it’s completely organic and result oriented.

Our commitment to our customers is to act with integrity in our quest to
provide natural alternative products for skin and improve overall