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Social Reviews

Social Reviews*

Check what our customers have to say about their experience with Vitiligo Organics. These screenshots were collected from different independent social media platforms, and the list keeps on growing every day.

Tina Gajjar

Brad Hussey Does this really work? I got it on my hands and would love for it to disappear.

Tina Gajjar Yes, it does….my patches on either side of my eyes have disappeared. Gary w. Baker I used it for approximately 6 weeks before the pigment started regenerating.

Leona A Williams

Yanys Yanys Hi! Does anyone know if it is good?

Leona A Williams I used this product and it has definitely improved my vitiligo I also use steam rooms regularly and have an alkaline diet as it helps it’s slow progress but there are more melanocytes around the areas on my face.

Wanda Lycans Gore

Wanda Lycans Gore Do you have use this forever? Or it is gone for good after treatments bring back pigment?

Jennifer Roberts I asked their customer service the same question and they confirmed you just use it until the pigmentation returns!

Tina Gajjar I agree… I have used this and my pigments regenerated and I haven’t had to reuse it. It is amazing and I am patch free for 5 years now.

Maricel Tillo Taclindo I used my son 4 years old every night went I know if it’s already has pigmentation.

Martin Sanchez

Martin Sanchez Any photos of happy customers before and after on here that can share?.... thanks in advance.

Mildred Cabrera My dad has been using it for a month now and the spots turn pink thus far. One area completely blended with the skin, it just takes commitment to put it on everyday.

Martin Sanchez Mildred Cabrera Thanks for the reply…. I’ve been using for 2 months but haven’t seen any changes to be honest but hopefully soon I will.

Lynda Peatey

Lynda Peatey Anyone actually used this product with success???

Nefertity Dickson I had vitiligo all over my face and ears and other parts of my body and because of Vitiligo Organics it’s all gone!!

Luis Amador

Luis Amador Anyone has been cured from vitiligo please help.

Nefertity Dickson This really works! It cured me.

Ludie Delva

Ludie Delva Best treatment ever!!!

Josie Echiverri

Josie Echiverri I just got my order of the vitiligo organics today. I have this spots for maybe 4 years already. I hope it would work on me.

Gwendolyn Moore I had my spots for many years prior to using this. It worked wonders for me. I hope it does for you too.

Jin Wang Bushong

Jin Wang Bushong I bought this for my brother in law. His hands has that kind problems. It is really work on him.

Ishita Thakur

Ishita Thakur Guys! Just a quick review I would like to make.

I bought this in March the way it said to use the product I hardly get time to use it two times so I just use once every night due to my work schedule. I don’t have vitiligo I used it for hypopigmentation occurred after a skin rash.

The customer service is extremely helpful and answered my each and every emails before I wanted to buy this as I was worried whether to buy or not coz I don’t have vitiligo as I had hypopigmentation thought of giving it a try.

The two spots I had on my cheeks completely blended with my skin color. The other one I can see brown pigment spreading slowly. I can definitely say this works just need to give it time I believe. I wonder if I would have used it exactly the way mentioned in the leaflet. I would have got more result but I am happy with what I got in these 2/3 months.

Thanks guys for this amazing product.

Danielle Gearhart

Danielle Gearhart I am 3 weeks in and I am seeing results! I find wearing rubber gloves on my hands after I apply helps a lot since that is were I am mostly affected.

Crystal Montgomery

Crystal Montgomery Anyone use this stuff with success?

Andrea Rutherford Had a patient in our clinic who was 12 use it – they did so on their own and took before and after pictures and his improved at least 80-90 percent barely perceptible nearly full re-pigmentation.

Crystal Montgomery Andrea Rutherford thanks great to know

Claudia Camacho

Claudia Camacho There is so many people that say this works but no before and after pictures at all.

Tina Gajjar Claudia Camacho I have before and after photos if you’re interested.

Just message me and I’ll send it to you. I can’t seem to add any photos here. But I had vitiligo in 2013. My dermatologist said nothing can be done. My husband found vitiligo organics and used it for about 8-10 weeks… the pigments regenerated and I’ve been spot free since.

So if you need any pictures ... let me know.

Claudia Camacho Tina Gajjar Thank you i'll let u know

Brad Hussey

Brad Hussey Does this really work? I got it on my hands and would love for it to disappear.

Tina Gajjar Yes it does… my patches on either side of my eyes have disappeared

Elisa Jashari Boyle

Elisa Jashari Boyle Yes, I have tried and it has done wonders. You just have to be very determent and apply every night and massage and every morning apply and expose to the sun for 20 minutes… Results will appear after 2-4 months. Just determination and don’t give up…. I will post a photo as a prove… good luck.

Ahamed Ansar

Ahamed Ansar Hello, how can I get the vitiligo organics for my ten years old boy. I am from India. Please help him.

Mike Smee I have been suffering from small amounts of vitiligo on my arms for about 4 years (I’m now 50). My mother has had extensive vitiligo for about 40 years, so maybe it runs in the family? I must say Vitiligo Organics did work for me. Took 8 months of applying daily and even then it was the following summer and getting in the sun that finally saw the skin re-pigment. It may not work for everyone, but I can honestly say that it did work for me.

Bia Adib

Bia Adib Guys I just want to say your product really works! I sent it to my brother in Brazil and he could not be happier. Thank You so much, you guys are changing people’s lives!!!

jamila Bajja

jamila Bajja Does anyone here use this cream and see the results, I have just ordered it for family member and hope she can be cured?

Mandi N Johnny Morris Terra Lindey

Terra Lindey I used this years ago and it cleared up a lot of spots with permanent results… I have recently ordered another bottle and started religiously using it again in other spots… I remember the first time I used it took a solid 3 months to start noticing a difference. So keep using it and give it lots of time. It worked for me!

Kinga Slaby

Kinga Slaby Hi all! I’ve had vitiligo for 20 years. I’ve tried a lot of creams but nothing worked. As long as I know there is no effective treatment for it.

Ahmad Arif Hi...you can try vitiligo organics for treatment. I suggest this product because it work for me. Now in Malaysia, Vitiligo Organics quite popular for effective medicine to cure vitiligo.

Luul Ibraahim

Luul Ibraahim I Ordered x2 Abdi Ali

Toni Kelso My son has vitiligo & we’ve been using it for 7 months now. It takes time, but it does work!

Mamun Abdullah

Mamun Abdullah Hi does it work or advert like others.

Jamila Bajja Mamun Abdullah Yes, it helps I bought it for my cousin and it has been 3 months now since she has been using it and she’s seeing results.

Saima Saima

Saima Saima Hi… I know this has worked on a little girl who I work with… it’s amazing to see what a difference it has made to her face… I have also recommended it to someone else who is just starting off with this condition.

Fawzia Russel Nur Please do try this product it is really good it worked on me.

Toni Kelso

Toni Kelso My son has vitiligo & we’ve been using it for 7 months now. It takes time, but it does work!

Naomi Whelan Do you put it on morning and night? And does he take any vitamins to help?

Toni Kelso Hi Naomi. We apply first thing in the morning and at night before bed. That’s it, No vitamins. It took about 6 months before we started to see improvements. The white patches are not as prominent and the pigment started to come back in a few areas. 7 months saw more changes with the return of pigment spreading and the white fading overall. I’d encourage anyone to give it a go, but have patience and give it time.


Zaramarieg My dad and mom got me this oil called #vitiligoorganics and I’ve been using it for about 3 months. What I thought were freckles is actually my skin pigment coming back! It may be a long way to go but I had to share! For my #vitiligo family check it out! Progress Report : Look at my skin!!! The oil has helped way more and it is showing! The sun has been out heavy nowadays so I’ve been visiting the doctor to see if it is the sun or the oil, or something else who knows!? The best thing is my smile is bigger than any problem 💛

Linsu Mendez

Linsu Mendez Hello I usually never talk about it because I like to keep my personal stuff to my self, but this I thought about it because it seems that many people has it and that it didn’t happen just to my kid. So one day I started noticing a white little spot on my sons bottoms, the white spit kept spreading and getting bigger. I took him to his pediatrician and she gave me the saddest news a mother would ever like to hear, she said it was vitiligo it’s the missing of skin cells that slowly stop functioning and pigmentation of the skin fades and it turns white. I’m sure you guys have seen people like that… I was devastated thinking he was my baby and how could that affect him and I just couldn’t imagine my baby boy with that. I would cry everyday looking at my baby and thinking what I could do to help him. Everyday I would go online and search vitiligo and learn everything I could to see how to stop it. The pediatrician told me there was nothing to do but to try some stuff from the dermatologists that most of the time didn’t help but to at least try. One day like everyday I went online to keep looking and I say it was prayers to God that that day I came across this product I don’t know why but something was telling me that this was it… U read about it and like the most of the things you find online there was reviews, but I didn’t know if they were real or not. I looked at the price and it was kind of expensive but that didn’t matter my baby did. So I gave it a try and ordered it! I was nervous because it was a product from “Australia” and I didn’t know whether it was a scam or not. 2 weeks later I got it! And on May 15 2017 I started using it every single night no matter what. Every single day I would pray to God asking him to cure my baby boy with that oil. To make the story short that white spot that was getting bigger and bigger every week suddenly, miraculously stopped and 2 months later I started seeing his skin color coming back. After the dermatologists had said this product wasn’t gonna work and it was just a big waste of money. My son was actually getting better and I didn’t use they’re creams at all. When I went back to tell them that it was working on him, they said it was just his body fighting it not the oil. But I know it for fact it was this that helped and God that allowed this… so if any of you guys know someone or see someone with this problem because vitiligo is a problem please! Please!! Let them know of this because I used this on my baby boy and it helps! Today he’s a normal kid and all I have to say is thank you God and thanks to the creator of this product! And I have only used it five months 💙

Wahab Nawabi

Wahab Nawabi If any one needs to try please make sure to take vitamins it will help 50% more with recovering your skin back Vitamin B complex, B9 (folic acid), D3 and Ginkgo Biloba.

Not me but someone using from my family.

If follow the course and use it in the right it will give the good results but if apply Vitiligo Organics ones a week then it will give no results, I know most of the people use it once or twice a week then ask for results which is not right.

Yes I’m agree with that 100% results come out I will send some pictures before and after.

Ashleigh Brett

Ashleigh Brett I just ordered mine. I hoping it works as good as it claims, do you have any results?

Chrissy DePaolantonio Hi. I have used it for a few months and notice a difference on my face. I applied it every night on my face but it hit n miss on my arms. I’m really happy with it since I was more self concise of my face. I hope this helps!

Ashleigh Brett Chrissy DePaolantonio Thanks for your reply!😊 I’ve got it on my hands, neck, arms and thighs so I’m hoping I can get some results😊

Pranav Patel Chrissy DePaolantonio Hello, I hope this product has worked for you, I want to know if you have actually got positive results from it. My mum has got it and its on spreading stage, your reply would help me make up my mind. Thanks in advance.

Chrissy DePaolantonio Pranav Patel Yes it has helped me! More so on similar spots I can see a difference. Some of my larger areas it looks like it’s working, just a bit longer time. I hope this helps 😊

vivi guerrero

Vivi Guerrero Hey Guys!

I have vitiligo since I was 23 after a thyroid disorder. I’m 48 now. I tried too many products, medicines, from all over the world. It’s hard for me to believe in those new miracle products.

I read about Vitiligo Organics and finally I decided to ordered. I am taking VERY IMPORTANT vitamins for more than 6 months (folic acid, Ginkgo, B12, beta caretone and St. John’s worth). I just started VO last November and after almost three months I’m really surprised watching re pigmentation results on my white patches. I can keep posting my improvements I hope I’ll have. I’m applying at day and night and taking sun just when I can. About the smell, it’s not so disgusting as placenta or alcohol stuff. It is natural and moisture my skin.

God Bless you all.

Ruth Collins

Ruth Collins I have been using this for a month now and am beginning to see freckles comeback. I find it exfoliate the area first and rub the oil hard until it is absorbed. I will keep you posted if there is further improvement.

Rita Maher

Jan Tassinari Sounds too good to be true so it probably is😏

Rita Maher Well it’s working for me, you have to be patient, and diligent in applying it everyday. Take a while to see the results, but it definitely works.

Lesha Brown

Lesha Brown This product really works😊

Er Rahul RV Verma

Er Rahul RV Verma It has been used by one of the close friend and due to the effectiveness of this organic medicine he is curing now.

Lgnacio Moreno

Lgnacio Moreno This is without any doubt an excellent remedy, I have gained all pigments in the affected areas.

Thank you very much guys.

Mar Loopz

Mar Loopz Love my Vitiligo Organic’s product it’s really works!!

Tanin Rashedy

Tanin Rashedy Been using it for 1 year now and have seen amazing improvements. For the value it is well worth. Would recommend it to anyone. Thank you very much for this amazing miracle product.


Mizzladyee I use it but it took some time but it was working and a friend of mine used it and worked really fast.

Mounzer Hassan

Mounzer Hassan My nephew had white spots on his fingers for almost one year ago, She took her son to many doctor and no one was able to give him the right medication, she had only one son, so she spent a lot of money but nothing was working right for his white spots.

One day she called me please send me some medication, because she is not living in USA. So I went to a dermatologist and told him if he can write a something for him, He told me there is no medicine for Vitiligo here. Vitiligo has no medication at all.

But he right some medication I bought for my nephew but it wasn't working and we all were worried.

Then one day I searched on google and found Vitiligo Organics. We ordered for him and at the end of January his fingers are 100/100 fixed. Thank god and thank you so much Vitiligo Organics.

Please keep doing this great meditation.

Because doctors still don’t know about vitiligo medication.

Kelly Russam

Kelly Russam Has anyone really tried this product? Does it really work? I’d love to buy it but I’m not going to waste my money till I see the actual proof that it works.

Vitiligo Organics Hi Kelly Russam, vitiligo organics has helped many vitiligo sufferers worldwide. Please visit our website vitiligoorganics.com.au to see real customer reviews with pictures. We offer money back guarantee. Therefore, you will not waste your money while trying vitiligo organics.

Selema Garth Yes, it takes times. I tried this product a few years ago. For 6 months and I noticed little changes, immediately I stopped progressing , properly used during the summer months eating lot a of protein and exposure to sunlight for about an hour a day, my vitiligo has began to reverse it self. So yes the product works but you have to follow quite a schedule a daily, sun exposure, fish and vitamins b , b complex, e, fish oils, and a fre others. But I promise it works. I cured myself. Less then 1% of my body is vitiligo which is a small dots on my finger tips and one spot on my foot. Before my face and both hands and one foot was decolored . Goooood luck !!!

Melissa Campbell & Za Kely

Melissa Campbell Has anyone tried this and had positive results? Or Is this one of those, if it sounds too good to be true… it probably is…

Za Kely The truth that if it gives results to me has started to come out with little brown spots on my neck I have to keep using the treatment is very good I recommend them.

Vitiligo Organics Za Kely Glad to know Vitiligo Organics is helping you getting natural skin color. We wish you all the best & stay blessed.

Charlotte Crumpton

Charlotte Crumpton I have started Vitiligo Organics nearly 2 months ago and it’s working. Very slowly, but definitely working!!

Tweetyy V Varela

Tweetyy V Varela I bought this online 3 years ago worked on my 3 year old who is now 6 and demanded me to stop using it but it’s much smaller in size and worked great when he gets older if it returns or gets larger he will decide if he wants to use it.

Ahmad Arif

Ahmad Arif I got vitiligo at the end of 2009, I found a white patch under my nose. At first I just thought it was a bright spot. It does not spread and it does not bother, so I never worried much about it. But it eventually the spot began to turn more and more white and did not recover. I’m so worried then I went to the doctor. The doctor gave me a clinical cream to be applied for the infection. Unfortunately, it was not cured, but it even start growing elsewhere in my face and on my arm.

I try not to worry and just ignore it, thinking it would just stop. But it did not. I started looking for information on the internet until I know that this disease called vitiligo I began to feel worried and a bit sensitive because of embarrassment with others who see myself in such a In fact, some of them began to rebuke about my situation. I am very sad and I ever did not come out for a week. I only went to work and buy the food.

But in February 2010 I found VITILGO ORGANICS on internet via search on Google. At first I hesitated to buy this medicine because the product is from abroad. But I ventured to buy and use this medicine. After using the VITILGO ORGANICS for 1/2 months I started to see the progress which the pigment of the skin become grew. It’s going to take a lot time to fix the problem as I have a lot of it. Luckily, I freed from vitiligo after 6 to 7 months! Just apply this medicine as the directions everyday without skip. Now I am VITILIGO ORGANICS distributor in Malaysia. I hope I can help the patient of vitiligo as much as I can in my country with VITILIGO ORGANICS. I believe we can manage this disease. Every disease has a cure.

Good Luck. Ahmed Arif.

Hassan Haashi

Hassan Haashi In 2016 my son had vitiligo but at this time I’m so worried my son and I go take to me and my son was showing doctor change become and then I don’t they have any dick him into our border and then I’m so worried after 2 months I will searching in internet and I see vitiligo organic and then I order after that my son would be hanged him back to his skin I’m so happy at this time and then I support.

Melissa Iraheta

Melissa Iraheta Hey this is Melissa I know this was an old post I wanted to know if you ever did try it. I’m using it now. I’m on my first week. I have a friend that used it for her daughter and in 2 months she a lot of results on her face. As you know kids she said she didn’t even use it everyday but I saw her before and after pictures and she looks great so if she was to use it every day it would be completely gone.

Harry Kashat

Harry Kashat My friend used Vitiligo Organics, she show slow results in one month, but also diet, the Pava vitamin not cure the vitiligo, but stop the vitiligo, so do not proceed. She bought the vitiligo organic from their website, not from amazon, or other.

Michelle Lehman

Michelle Lehman Hi! I have been using Vitiligo organics and it worked for me. I began using 5 to 6 years ago. It is much more effective on newer spots than old ones so the earlier the intervention the better. I would apply the product at night, wash it off in the morning, bathe in the sun for ONLY 15 minutes. The sun accelerates the process as it assists in melanin production. It takes a long time before you start seeing the effects (months). Just try to be as consistent as you can. I also took a variety of vitamins (B12, folic acid, D3) which helped. Message me if you have any questions. I would be more than happy to answer them.

Rebecca Steenbergen

Rebecca Steenbergen I have been using vitiligo organics for just over a week and my white spots are turning red already. I can see the dots on the white patches already. This product is truly amazing!!!I

Ines De Leon Brito

Ines De Leon Brito So I am applying it to my son and if I have seen results especially on the face, of course it is a process and a lot of patience. So far I am satisfied!

Taishary M Ruiz

Taishary M Ruiz I used this before on my daughter it really worked I need to order more.

Elva Castillo Do you recommend it?

Taishary M Ruiz Yes I do I’m actually going to order more.
Lucero Antunez her, color started coming back months later put it twice a day in the morning and at night after she shower she started getting hers at of 6 and the doctor gave me some cream but after reading that it can cause skin cancer I stop using it later on my sister started looking online for something and came across this organic oil so we gave it a try.

Lucero Antunezz you can see the difference in couple of months.

Wilimer Merino Taishary M Ruiz can you share pictures of the organic oil? Which of the products they offer worked on your beautiful daughter? I’ve had this since 20 years old I’ve tried the laser and the cream dermatologist recommend in the USA and nothing works for me. I would really appreciate a little more info. Merry Christmas!!

Nothing to lose offer

*Disclaimer: The results described on the testimonial page are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have used our products and/or services in some way or another. However, results are not typical and may vary between individuals.